'Dont let yesterday take up too much of today'
Will Rodgers

Clinical Supervision for individuals and groups

What is Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is a formal process of professional support and learning that addresses Counsellors/Psychotherapists and other helping practitioners’ developmental needs in a non-judgemental way. It is a forum where supervisees review and reflect on their work in order to do it better.  It can be performed individually or in groups, it can be delivered as formal or informal, it can focus on processes and/or outcomes. The purpose of Clinical Supervision is to ensure safe practice for clients, to optimise client outcomes and to promote greater insight and the development of therapeutic skills for the supervisee.

About Caron Atkinson as your Clinical Supervisor


I undertook my Supervision training/qualification at The Grove Practice in London which was taught at post graduate level. Along with my experience of being qualified for 18 years and BACP Accredited for 16 years as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist I will be able to support you with my experience and knowledge in a wide-ranging aspect of your work:

  • Protection to clients (cases are reviewed)
  • Reflective space providing insights for improvement
  • Helping identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Gain learning from peers;
  • Opportunity to keep up to date with professional developments
  • Alerting in regard to ethical and professional issues in your work which creates ethical watchfulness
  • A forum to consider and hold the tensions that emerge from the needs of various stakeholders in the work of supervisee  (the organisation and the client's profession)
  • Allowing practitioners to measure the impact of their work on their lives and identify their personal reactions to their professional work;
  • Offering a ‘third-person’ perspective (feedback) from myself as Supervisor, who is not part of the client system
  • Welfare and better service to the client;
  • A forum of accountability for those to whom the practitioner is accountable (organisation, clients, profession)

My style of work in Clinical Supervision is sometimes to use creativity to help you tap into your right brain, which opens up the sub-conscious and unconscious, releasing any feelings of being stuck and broadening your thinking in what could be happening for yourself and/or your client.

I am available as Supervisor for individuals and groups.

My Supervision can be undertaken in a variety of professions & settings: Counselling/Psychotherapy/Agencies/Trainee Counsellors/Social Services/Schools/Health (NHS)/Children’s Homes.