'To shine your brightest is to be who you truly are
Roy T.Bennet

Business/Work Relationship Coaching

Youth Impact Coaching

I am a qualified and experienced Youth Impact Coach this role entails supporting young people to build confidence and motivation to improve what you want to achieve in the future be it career, family life, education, travel, peace, happiness, independence.

My work as a Coach encompasses the GROW Model which starts out by helping to find your short or long/term goals; this is followed up by looking at the reality of your situation; why you may struggle to commit and/or achieve your objectives; what happens when you become stuck and cannot move forward in life, cannot work out how to resolve issues of conflict; where you see your life going; what you want to achieve; how to develop to achieve your goals.  From these coaching sessions, I will support you to look towards your options and your will to achieve the goals you have set.  I work in collaboration with you to help you achieve what you want from your life.  Goal Mapping, Timelines; Wheel of Life are some of the strategies which can be included in our work together.

I am also a qualified Corporate & Executive Coach my expertise is working with business/work relationships. A good successful business means keeping your employees and customers happy; building positive relationships with employees and customers is an important part of the business process.  No matter how brilliant your product, service, expertise is, if you do not positively manage your relationships with yourself and your employees you will lose time, money and profits.  Poor manager-employee relationships invite problems, walkouts, low morale, low productivity, poor customer service and a bad reputation.  I will help you positively build business/work relationships creating rapport and business acumen which in turn will provide you with the tools to increase your own and employees' sense of well-being and hence increase the productivity of your business.